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Person of Buwon

Buwon always open the door for you, who will play a key role in the future.




Creative talent

Talents with creative capability
Talented people who are competent of facing the challenge
Those who can develop and develop products and services continuously

Professional talent

Individuals with expertise in the field of which they are in charge
People who can guide customers
Customers are satisfied and gain common value

Enthusiastic talent

Talent passionate in a variety of areas
Talent involved in modeling for others learning
Talent with sense of ownership and responsibility
People who can lead the business


Buwon runs the company with a corporate system in Vietnam, all welfare is supported by overseas employee standards.

Support For Living Convenience

Support for living convenience

Medical examination, hospital expenses, communication, food
Facilitate the convenience of the stay of foreign residents



Reward for longtime staff, excellent employee awards, encouragement
Support employees so that they are motivated to work

Air Ticket Assistance

Air ticket assistance

Annual leave and periodic leave with air ticket support
Support tickets for annual and periodic holidays of individuals and families

Pay Attention To The Material And Spiritual Life Of Employees

Pay attention to the material and spiritual life of employees

Support for recreation, providing canteens, gyms, and health care for employees

Help With Pick-up Bus At Work And Shift End

Help with pick-up bus at work and shift end

Assist vehicles and assist in efficient commuting according to local traffic situation



Dormitory in the company for the convenience of residence for foreign employees

Support For Wedding And Funeral

Support for wedding and funeral

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