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Ethical management


Buwon carries out its ethical code of conduct in order for all employees, employers and stakeholder to prosper together by not only accepting corporate social responsibility under obligations of law and institution but also expanding its corporate philosophy in the fields of ethics.

Goals of ethical management

Disseminate to employees the principle of business ethics, policy and law, “corporate social responsibility” when economic development to harmonize benefits for all customers, shareholders, society and stakeholders

Methods of ethical management

Protect the interests of organizations, parties, and shareholders by preventing and minimizing the maximum damage to the business’s unethical conduct and maintaining effective leadership of the manager through the operation of the internal control system

Orient ethical management

Create a healthy ethical culture through policy formulation, moral principles and training
Develop and partner with clients / partners through fair competition
Always try to fulfill the corporate social responsibility

Business ethics management activities

Set up daily inspection system
Establish and control crisis management and risk management processes
Conduct business ethics education
Operate the protection program for informant
Diversify external control information channels
Operate an independent business ethics organization

Autonomous reporting and notification

Report unethical behavior
Receive customer complaints
Operate counseling center on sexual harassment
Comply with principle of protection for informent

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